This driver for the hp4142 source monitor unit is an improved and extended version. of the original HP developped one
It has the same improvement as the   HP4142_X   (previous driver in the table) so that it will certainly not initialize the instrument when clicking a simple display or query feature on any panel driver.

But besides this basic improvement many other extensions have been added so that now it looks like a complete new driver.

The reason for adding all these extensions was as follows:

With the original HP4142 driver it was very complicated just to set the instruments channels to simpel constant source values.
A trivial operation like assigning a constant voltage value (e.g. 12 Volts) to one of the channels (e.g. SMU4), required all following steps:
   - First at all you had to to enable the channel slot switch of channel 4
   - Then you had to go go to the SPOT panel and select DV
   - Then enter channel number (4), output value (12), and compliance value.
   - Finally you had to push the OK button and then the 12 Volt source value was available at SMU4.

When afterwards you wanted to assign a voltage value to one of the other channels you had to perform all these steps again.
When finished presetting, an overvieuw of all the source values you had just entered was completely missing. As far as I know it was even impossible to query the Instrument for the source values you just entered so you were not able to check if the proper source values were accepted by the instrument at all.
Using the "monitor" function (eg measure the current through a constant voltage channel) was even more complicated then presetting.

In other words:
Trivial operations (like assigning a voltage or current value to one of the channels and then checking if that new value has arrived at the instrument), were almost impossible tasks with that old driver. For this reason I have added some Easy Panels to this driver on which you have a quick overvieuw of all channels and their source values. Entering, changing or vieuwing any constant source value is now very easy.

These easy features however only work in constant (spot) mode and not for the other modes (internal sweep etc) and not for the XY display.
In most cases you don't strictly need these other modes as you can easily create all kinds of external sweeps using e.g. the "For Range" feature of HP-VEE.
In case you still want to use some of the hp4142 internal non constant modes (eg sweep, pulse etc) or if you want to use the drivers XY display you can continue using this driver but the easy features are no longer supported (except for the 8 slotswitches).

Important Notice:
The filename of this extended hp4142 driver is just hp4142b.id which is the same name as the original Hewlett Packard developped driver. Please notice that copying the new hp4142.id to your hpids folder will overwrite any existing hp4142.id driver files so in that case your original, hp4142.id driver will get lost. In spite of the fact that that old driver has lots of problems I still recommend to make a backup of it before copying this new driver to your hpids folder

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